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sunset la kush


Sunset LA Kush is ideal for treating chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and tremors. Deliciously minty aroma of fresh earthy pine and a taste of peppermint pine with a hint of fresh damp earth upon exhale


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Sunset LA Kush

LA Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/10% sativa) strains with widely debated genetics. Although it is well known that it is an OG Kush descendant, its other parent is a mystery – many believe that it is a backcross of OG Kush and others believe that it is Abusive OG. Whatever its true parentage, LA Kush boasts a moderately high THC level between 19-21% and surprisingly cerebral effects. The onset has a uplifting cerebral effect that builds quickly, leaving you energized and motivated with a sense of focus and purpose. Although the high hits fast and hard, it is not accompanied by any anxiety or paranoia typical of a powerful sativa or sativa hybrid strain due to its heavy indica parentage. As the high continues you’ll be hit with a mellow body buzz that leaves you utterly relaxed and happy with full functionality and a perfect level of motivation. Because of these effects, LA Kush is ideal for treating chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and tremors. This bud has a deliciously minty aroma of fresh earthy pine and a taste of peppermint pine with a hint of fresh damp earth upon exhale. These buds have small to medium-sized dark forest green heart-shaped nugs with fiery orange hairs and translucent fine trichomes.

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Los Angeles KushLos Angeles Kush’s Signature Blue Box is often imitated, and rightfully so. With a pungent, earthy aroma and unmistakable citrus undertones, these flowers are the ideal selection for patients/customers seeking relief from chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Indica, 25-35% THC

LA HonorRecognized by the dense, resinous buds with stunning purple leaves, and a generous dusting of trichomes LA Honor is an indica strain of weed with an irresistible scent. Perfect for an after work blunt, quick hit before meeting the in-laws, or whenever you need a quick boost our Los Angeles Kush cannabis has you covered. Spark this heavy and sweet flower to relax, chill out, and improve your mood. Indica, 25-35% THC

Federal ReserveLos Angeles Kush is pleased to offer flowers whose effects you can bank on – Federal Reserve OG is an Indica strain with refined and balanced sensations. Take charge of your mood, just a few tokes of these flowers clears the mind of unwanted stress and helps users focus on positive thoughts. Indica, 25-26% THC 0% CBD

Kushberry CheesecakeOur flagship sativa, Kushberry Cheesecake is one of a kind. A unique cross of Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese yields frosty buds that exude sweet notes of blueberry and cream. Consistently tested as one of our highest THC content strains, this sativa will leave patients with a euphoric body buzz and sharp, cerebral high. Hybrid Sativa 25-33% THC 0% CBD

Los Angeles Kush RedWith a refreshing evergreen scent reminiscent of our beloved Angeles Crest National Forest, Los Angeles Kush’s “Red Box” OG is the quintessential couch-lock indica. Not for the faint of heart, Red Box has become the gold standard for heavy sedative relaxation, stubborn insomnia, and intense pain. This strain is the ideal choice for more experienced patients. Indica, 25-35% THC

Ill OGIll OG is an indica hybrid strain that was cultivated exactly for your ills and perfected to calm your aches with incredible flavor and effects always to follow, whether smoked through a bowl, blunt, or joint. While many cultivars are effective at treating pain, most usually include couch-locking effects and extreme drowsiness but not these ladies – Ill OG’s hairy potent flowers are the perfect smoke to ease severe pain before having a fun night out. Indica, 25-35% THC

BloodwalkerBloodwalker is an unmistakable indica dominant hybrid with bright orange-purple buds and a deliciously spicy, sweet, diesel aroma. Developed by crossing Skywalker OG and Cherry Pie, these flowers sooth the mind and relax the body — making it the perfect choice for patients searching for a sociable, but effective indica experience. Indica, 25-26% THC 0% CBD

Black GelatoBlack Gelato is a pungent indica-dominant hybrid that offers relaxation without lethargy. A cross of our LA Sunset and Thin Mints, Black Gelato is a richly hued purple bud with a subtle, spicy sweet aftertaste. Try these flowers for a relaxing night in or as an accompaniment for a kick-back beach day. Indica, 25-35% THC


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