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Quantum marijuana strain


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Quantum marijuana strain

Quantum Kush is a sativa dominant hybrid (75% sativa/25% indica) strain created as a cross between the hugely powerful Sweet Irish Kush X Timewreck strains. This fast-acting bud is powered by a high THC level that averages above the 27% mark, making it ideal for experienced users who need a high level of relief. The high hits hard and fast with a soaring clear-headed euphoria that has no ceiling. As your insanely uplifted energy grows, your focus will fade, leaving you introspective and spacey as your mind soars.

Although many users like to use Quantum Kush as a wake and bake, it would be best to use it on days that don’t require very much attention to detail or energy expenditure, such as a day inside relaxing. Because of these powerful effects and its high THC level, Quantum Kush is said to be perfect for treating appetite loss, nausea, mild to moderate cases of depression, fatigue, and chronic pain. This has a classically appealing aroma of sweet skunky earth with a pungent effect when the nugs are split apart and a harshly pungent taste of tropical skunk with just a dash of savory earthiness upon exhale. Quantum Kush nugs have medium-sized dense and compact olive green grape-shaped nugs with rich purple undertones, fiery orange hairs, and a thick frosty coating of sandy fine white crystal trichomes.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana strains can affect each person in a different way. What helps one person may not be the solution for another. However, there are general and accepted benefits of using medical marijuana that is changing lives of people everywhere.

  • Regulates appetite

Marijuana is well known for giving its users the “munchies” and this is especially beneficial for cancer patients who are not able to keep a healthy appetite during treatment. It can also benefit anyone who has trouble due to other illnesses, or perhaps anorexia and bulimia.

  • Suppresses nausea

This is also incredibly beneficial for cancer patients and another kind of patient who might have to take in a kind of medicine that doesn’t react well with their bodies. This is why certain marijuana strains are often used to help those going through chemotherapy.

  • Helps against epileptic seizures

It has been proven that medical marijuana can help prevent epileptic seizures. The regular relaxation that marijuana gives its users can fight against the incredibly strong muscle spasms that plague those with epilepsy.

  • Helps against anxiety

The calming effects of certain marijuana strains can help those who have crippling anxiety. Instead of relying on potentially harmful medication to fight against those mental fears, they can instead turn towards medical marijuana as a different alternative.

  • Helps with pain suppression

The cannabinoids found in marijuana can help fight against pain. An added bonus is that, when used alongside other kinds of pain medication, particular marijuana strains work with the medication to increase the effects. This makes the two medications mesh together to create a stronger relief than they would have been on their own.

  • Slows progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

There are certain studies going on that are showing promising results regarding the use of marijuana and Alzheimer’s disease. The study says that THC could help to slow the formation of the harmful plaques that grow inside the brain that eventually develops into Alzheimer’s.


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