Junglato Jungle Boys

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Junglato Jungle Boys

Junglato jungle boys! This strain, also known as Pink Cookies, is the genetic cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. This irresistible wedding cake weed is a very delicious treat that’s rich with tangy, sweet, earthy and a hint of skunk-like aroma. Take your time and enjoy this beautiful exotic Hybrid strain.As it contains a high level of THC of up to 25% and CBD up to 1%. Effects feel like a balanced 50/50 cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.

This  strain also goes by the name “Pink Cookies”. Furthermore is classified as an Indica that provides a potent but very clear high. Genetically coming from the two-parent strains jnglato and jungle Cake, the THC content within this product can go up to 24%

Junglato Strain Effects

You’re guaranteed a rumble in this jungle as Junglato THC level is a titanic 27% on average. This can probably be pushed into the low 30s with the right cultivation techniques, making this high THC/low CBD strain one of the Jungle Boys’ most powerful. Expect a fast-acting euphoric hit with stimulating sativa qualities to keep your mind clear and focused before powerful relaxation rains down, soaking you from head to toe with a feeling of dreamy contentment.

Junglato effects are formidable, and if you’re not an experienced cannabis user, you’re liable to wind up wishing you never decided to venture into its wild and unforgiving territory. Save this TK Lato x Jungle Cake cross for post afternoon consumption to get the most from its relaxing characteristics and to avoid crashing out too early in the day.

Junglato Strain Medical Benefits

For medical marijuana patients with ADHD or conditions which cause difficulty maintaining focus, Junglato Strain medical seeds may be a worthwhile option to consider. Some terpenes promote relaxation and others acuity, and this strain is high in both, prompting feelings of alertness and relaxation. The former is fantastic for aiding concentration and may help users to concentrate better when performing mental and physical tasks.

In somewhat of a contradictory fashion, Junglato medical benefits also apply to those with sleep disorders like insomnia. Its high THC and myrcene content have lent it a potent sedative effect, that if used correctly, can restart a disrupted sleep cycle or simply serve as extra help when struggling to drift off at night.


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1 review for Junglato Jungle Boys

    John Park
    February 1, 2021
    Everything is perfect. I would recommend!
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