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girl scout cookies marijuana


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Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is very high quality cannabis as proven by its ability to manage almost all types of medical conditions and symptoms. Its top-shelf qualities have recreational users and patients continuing to use this strain, thus it is often sold out from dispensaries. Furthermore, this strain is one of the most powerful and effective strains on the market, which is a plus for medical patients requiring higher doses.

The genetic composition of the strain is 60% indica and 40% sativa, so it is a hybrid dominant indica. It’s parents are OG Kush, which is a hybrid and Durban Poison, which is a sativa. The THC content can be as high as 28%, but averages about 17%. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) has spread all over the world due to its massive popularity back home in the USA.

By crossing two popular strains (OG Kush and Durban Poison), Cookie Fam achieved the THC maximum of 28%, which is very high and sitting in a class of its own.

The aroma is much acclaimed for its minty freshness. After the first intake, a feeling of vastly elevated calmness sets in. The enormous popularity GSC has garnered is attributed to a blend of solid genetics, pop culture promotion, and some controversy. It was rapped about in songs by Berner and popular rap icon Wiz Khalifa.

Appearance and Smell

The Appearance of the Girl Scout Cookies strain is distinctive, and you won’t fail to spot it in a lineup. It has different shades of light green combined with some purple and orange hairs. So, it is a spectacle to see. The flower has a smaller, rounded pine cone shape that is quite dense with a dry texture. It easily crumbles when pressed between your fingers. The texture shows a proper dry and cure process was undertaken. A light pale green is the flower’s primary color, but the coat is barely visible beneath a shower of vibrant orange pistils, dark green purple spot and a thick blanket of sparkling trichomes.

The smell emanating is sweet, spicy and manifests its sheer strength and power. An indica/sativa genetics mix is a good balance with the indica providing a powerful body high while sativa provides a boost in creativity.

Expect your first inhalation to be a sweet but heavy high, which will definitely send you through a whirlwind of blissful and pleasing emotions.

Medicinal Benefits

Girl Scout Cookies offers some powerful effects that are helpful to the medical community in various ways. To begin with, this strain is really handy in treating chronic pain, cramps, muscle tensions, and inflammation. It has very high sedative properties that can possibly give a patient relief in no time. Additionally, it can be used as a stress reliever because it provides a tranquilizer-like feeling that puts a patient into complete relaxation. Girl Scout Cookies should be administered to patients in need of strong relief. It is a reliable and consistent strain that can lessen chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, and depression.


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