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Buy Biker OG Kush Online

 Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 33%

Buy Biker OG Kush by Karma Genetics is a blend that combines potent and flavorful elements from famously potent parents. Created by crossing Hell’s OG and Lucifer OG (Hell’s OG x SFV OG Kush), Biker Kush pays homage to California cannabis propagators and their intermingling genetics. This stretchy plant produces dense, deep green buds that reek of lemon Pine-Sol and lush, floral earth. Biker Kush has a 9 to 11 week flowering time and a high THC content.

Biker OG Marijuana

Alchimia presents the regular version of Karma Genetics‘ excellent variety Biker Kush, an Indica hybrid with a powerful OG Kush aroma. Biker Kush originates from a backcross of the elite Kush clone Hells Angels OG, bred to maintain its heady aroma combining citric and pine notes on an earthy/fuel background.

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The Hell’s OG high is super strong in nature and can easily overwhelm the inexperienced user if you’re not careful. It comes on with a rushing euphoria that leaves you unfocused and blissfully happy. A building body high comes next, lulling you into a state of sedation and peace that leaves you immovable for hours on end. As your body settles, a heavy hunger will creep in, leaving you ravenous and reaching for anything and everything you have on hand to snack on

Buy Biker OG Cannabis Strain

Its structure is typical of OG Kush strains, with slender, elongated branches which often need support during flowering to help with the weight of the buds. After 9 to 11 weeks of flowering indoors at 12/12, Biker Kush forms very hard and dense nugs, formed of large calyces generously coated with resin. The spectacular resin production and the organoleptic qualities of Biker Kush make this variety an excellent option for extracting cannabis concentrates. For breeders, Biker Kush is a popular variety for creating hybrids, a great example being Hortilab’s StarKush, an exciting joint project carried out between these two Dutch seedbanks.


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